Minigolf Mania

Minigolf Mania 1.0.395

A game of minigolf with some crazy elements


  • Mouse gestures
  • 4 game types
  • Loads of courses
  • Magic balls
  • Difficulty progresses


  • Music is annoying after a while
  • Weak graphics

Very good

Minigolf Mania is an extremely addictive game, a big part of that surely due to the variety in courses, obstacles and balls. Not only do you get to play on ice or lava, you can also find stop signs, boosters, super jumps or many more other elements that spice up your game. As you conquer courses, you'll unlock special balls that unleash their own power. The game is very intuitive and all you'll need is your mouse to play. We also appreciated how courses got harder as you progressed through the game.

While Minigolf Mania is very addictive the 3D graphics can leave to be desired. The music is fun at first but quickly becomes annoying. We suggest you turn it off from the start.

Minigolf Mania is full of little surprises and offers an intuitive gameplay and challenging courses that will keep you putting for hours.

The creators of 3D Ultra Minigolf present their new game Minigolf Mania - a 3D computer minigolf game with a mixture of classic minigolf holes with many game elements that could not occur in real life. Up to four people can play on the same computer. It has one 9 hole tutorial course and three full 18 hole courses, Golden Hills, which is more classic; Lava Islands, which has many dangerous lava pools; and Snowy Fields which is made more difficult by all the ice.

There are four different game types. Normal play is just like normal minigolf with the winner being who gets in the cup in the fewest strokes. In Race play the number of strokes does not matter. The winner is the person who gets in the cup the quickest. In the Safari game the player must hit all the safari animals to open up the cup. And the final game type, Safari Race, is a combination of Safari and Race modes.

Minigolf Mania


Minigolf Mania 1.0.395

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